Friday, 17 February 2017



Hello all, meet 'Saviour' my carnivore I created some months back.. in Aug 2016. Well, I'd been trying to rediscover myself when I decided to go back to all the creative work I once did! And there I ended up walking into a stationary store .. A pack of 'APSARA' pencils of all types.. some canvas and some shading cloth. And that was it.

You can call it my unmeasurable love for animals or my childhood love of dogs! I had definitely been missing a dog around and that's when I decided my first sketch would be a furry four-legged Alsatian! Well it may sound freaky but his presence on the wall of my room, brought me some kind of inspiration that I can survive by myself.. He was indeed my 'saviour' when I feared the demons in the middle of the night. We were like Ghost and Jon Snow.. gearing up and fighting the boisterious war..

Saviour will always remain close to my heart as you can already see why he's made it to my half cooked blog! :) 

Thursday, 2 February 2017



On a glum and foggy afternoon, sitting beside his garden view, well blurred glass window ..the fourteen human years old Scoob, awaits the return of his b-e-l-o-v-e-d master!

Me (Interrupting): "Hi Scoob, any plans today?"
Scoob (Sighing): "Will he.... come back?"
Me (Rolling eyes): "Duh. He always does, doesn't he?"
Scoob (Side glance): "Ever heard of the legend named, Hachiko?"
Me (Aghast): *Gulp*
Scoob(Glancing back at the garden outside): "Sigh!"

*Silence prevails*
Scoob maintains his position ..sits there in anticipation for hours, till the doorbell rings!

*Ding dong*

Scoob (Ears flat, mouth drooling and tail oscillating) : "Wag wag, woof woof! Bow wow, wag wag, woof woof!"

**That Moment of Bliss** 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016



Don’t we all have that one-of-a-kind and nostalgic tale, which revolves around our childhood? The tale that strikes a chord each time we unfold those vivid and fond memories? Just as how the memory of ‘paper boats’ during monsoons or that of our adventurous ‘summer vacations’ at Grandma’s, is close to our hearts and connects one with another – here is one such childhood memory that remains close to a young bunch of friends in Pune.

Vijay, Sanjay and Akshay often had the chance to bond together and they would do so over their Banana-chip ‘recreation sessions’. Who would guess that their fondness for self-cooked snacks with self-created recipes would turn out to be the ultimate idea for a great venture? Their one-of-a-kind and nostalgic tale in fact, further went on to become the thought starter for their newest business venture named ‘Food Bucket’. With a banana chips snack ‘Shotgun’ being their very first, from the Flagship!

‘Shotgun’ as the name suggests is the trio’s ‘very first’ snack in the mighty food bucket! Coming all the way from the outskirts and suburbs of Pune, the fresh bulk of bananas is carefully hand-picked and personally ferried to their factory that is in a small village called Bhugaon. This amalgamation of the creatively blended lip smacking flavours, deep-fried slices of banana; takes you on a virtual trip to ‘God’s own country’. With their splendid make and their interesting packaging ‘Shotgun’ seems to have taken banana chips to a whole new level.

As the new snack introduced in the market, Shotgun is a rare specialty, wrapped and presented as a tea time tid-bit! It has proved to be the ultimate fantasy for all palates, all ages and all leagues – with its varying flavours and its emotional connect with each one’s childhood tale.

As of today it can be found with three main mouth-watering flavours ‘Sweet, Spicy and Tangy’. Sweet – The sweetened version that melts in your mouth, leaving you in a sublime state. Spicy – Comes with a spicy twist that crackles up your senses. Tangy – Brings a tangy breeze of spices leaving your taste buds tingling.

While these are the ones to start, watch out for many more in their ‘Food-Bucket’ list. . !

Sunday, 30 June 2013


Zeus and Hermes were friends. Closest, from the days they peed in their pants as toddlers-with a whack on the butt, till they learnt to cover up for each other’s crime. Their togetherness started with the car pool, which was arranged to school every day. Their mornings apparently began together with the alarm clocks ringing in sync – bang at five! This was followed by their journey to their most possessed ‘Alma mater’ that we all salute someday, in our lives. Praying (Read: Playing the fool) at the assembly, was followed by academics. Their seats in class in fact were juxtaposed for good number of years. Talk about their taste in music and yet again where Zeus had good hands on the bass, Hermes was the lead vocalist without fail. Never went ahead without each other’s consent in picking the right tracks/ right artist from the right genres. Their first band of music was their very first together. Gallivanting on bikes and visiting live music shows, to getting wasted in those formative years, was a given. Which torrents to use and what movies were up for academy awards were part of regular gossip. Saved funds together for the upcoming book fairs and the negotiations with the booksellers were team work! They took the silliest tips from each other for dating in their early teens. The remorse, on the days of rejection was gulped down with what else, but mugs of beer, live acoustic guitar and most importantly each other’s presence! They could put their heads together on days that life seemed dark. And it was the togetherness that brought them to realize, life was tolerable. Such was the religiousness. Such was the acceptance for each other. With this remarkable affinity they shared and the sincerity they had developed towards their friendship, one can imagine what their level of emotional dependence was.

Teenage got over. Zeus and Hermes got results at school and both got placed with good hope in good colleges. It was too disheartening for both to hear that they were to stay in different cities for the rest of their lives. The transience was received well by Zeus, probably as he worked hard and became successful and busy. Whereas Hermes, though accepted the fact that life changed but missed school life a bit. Just a bit too much, may be. It was but obvious a fact that lifestyle also changed for both as they parted ways.Zeus is doing pretty well in life today. Successful, famous and surrounded by people and that keeps him in a jolly good mood at all times. The only fact that bothers him is his friend Hermes, who on the other hand has confined himself to a space of his own. According to Zeus, Hermes- who is also successful, lives too humbly, just plays the strings and sings for a living, continues to smoke up, party and play with a band he developed all these years. Earns less than a tenth of Zeus’s wealth for sure and lives with a hope that Zeus will come back to join him in the band, someday. As per Hermes, togetherness is what they had once decided and agreed upon. His life revolved around Zeus for sure and he would love to have him back in his life, like they were earlier in school days. For Hermes, if there was some new venture in life, Zeus should have been there to witness it. Zeus totally understands but has managed to retire to some life realities that say ‘Life moves on’. .On the contrary, Hermes still has hopes that 'They can do it together'.. If they have it in them, they can live their lives yet again as this is what they had decided initially… The beer and the jammin’ sessions could be beat for the rest of their lives, if he cared.Hermes is happy, though Zeus may think he is miserable.. Zeus is happy too, though Hermes may think Zeus will be better if he joins him back..

Well, 'Transience' happens to us all and we all decide to mould our thinking and perceptions with it.The perceptions in life develop, may be in our formative years and continue to be with us till we decide to keep them.Zeus and Hermes have taken different paths in their lives. . And perceive life now the way they have chosen to..
Life and lifestyle changed for them….. So did their perception about life.

Monday, 20 December 2010


Sigh!....He could barely muster the courage to stand up once more.. his limbs-quivering at the thought of doing, what he had once given up.. and all over again! .. that sudden display of light, those blurred signals to his brain.. blurring his vision all the more.. and then, the eyes, when i saw them - they were shut now .. .. .. a PAUSE, for a second.

THERE went the thump of my fist!

And.. The HP-laserjet has been working ever since. :)
may be, we all need that extra kick!
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