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Don’t we all have that one-of-a-kind and nostalgic tale, which revolves around our childhood? The tale that strikes a chord each time we unfold those vivid and fond memories? Just as how the memory of ‘paper boats’ during monsoons or that of our adventurous ‘summer vacations’ at Grandma’s, is close to our hearts and connects one with another – here is one such childhood memory that remains close to a young bunch of friends in Pune.

Vijay, Sanjay and Akshay often had the chance to bond together and they would do so over their Banana-chip ‘recreation sessions’. Who would guess that their fondness for self-cooked snacks with self-created recipes would turn out to be the ultimate idea for a great venture? Their one-of-a-kind and nostalgic tale in fact, further went on to become the thought starter for their newest business venture named ‘Food Bucket’. With a banana chips snack ‘Shotgun’ being their very first, from the Flagship!

‘Shotgun’ as the name suggests is the trio’s ‘very first’ snack in the mighty food bucket! Coming all the way from the outskirts and suburbs of Pune, the fresh bulk of bananas is carefully hand-picked and personally ferried to their factory that is in a small village called Bhugaon. This amalgamation of the creatively blended lip smacking flavours, deep-fried slices of banana; takes you on a virtual trip to ‘God’s own country’. With their splendid make and their interesting packaging ‘Shotgun’ seems to have taken banana chips to a whole new level.

As the new snack introduced in the market, Shotgun is a rare specialty, wrapped and presented as a tea time tid-bit! It has proved to be the ultimate fantasy for all palates, all ages and all leagues – with its varying flavours and its emotional connect with each one’s childhood tale.

As of today it can be found with three main mouth-watering flavours ‘Sweet, Spicy and Tangy’. Sweet – The sweetened version that melts in your mouth, leaving you in a sublime state. Spicy – Comes with a spicy twist that crackles up your senses. Tangy – Brings a tangy breeze of spices leaving your taste buds tingling.

While these are the ones to start, watch out for many more in their ‘Food-Bucket’ list. . !

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