Thursday, 2 February 2017



On a glum and foggy afternoon, sitting beside his garden view, well blurred glass window ..the fourteen human years old Scoob, awaits the return of his b-e-l-o-v-e-d master!

Me (Interrupting): "Hi Scoob, any plans today?"
Scoob (Sighing): "Will he.... come back?"
Me (Rolling eyes): "Duh. He always does, doesn't he?"
Scoob (Side glance): "Ever heard of the legend named, Hachiko?"
Me (Aghast): *Gulp*
Scoob(Glancing back at the garden outside): "Sigh!"

*Silence prevails*
Scoob maintains his position ..sits there in anticipation for hours, till the doorbell rings!

*Ding dong*

Scoob (Ears flat, mouth drooling and tail oscillating) : "Wag wag, woof woof! Bow wow, wag wag, woof woof!"

**That Moment of Bliss** 

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